The 2017 Electronics Entertainment Expo – colloquially known as E3 – played host to a “Spotlight” event delivered by Nintendo to showcase new software in development by the aforementioned entity. Herein, please find my recollection of the events that transpired immediately following the digital event and my ensuing investigation.

Super Mario Odyssey.jpg

Shortly after Nintendo’s Spotlight event at the recent Electronics Entertainment Expo, I received a phone call from one of the Directors – who will remain anonymous for his own protection – at Nintendo Life. The phone call was frantic, punctuated by sobs and cries of anguish, but I was able to calm his nerves and get to the root of the issue. It seemed that during the software showcase, footage of a new “game” titled Super Mario Odyssey was unveiled. The concern, however, was based on what appeared to be a dilemma of both morality and virtue. The footage in question displayed living creatures, both contemporary and extinct, being controlled against their will.

As Nintendo Life’s resident expert on the supernatural, as well as being the only member of the team with advanced degrees in Parapsychology, Cryptozoology, Demonology, and a minor in Spanish, I was singularly deemed fit to research this matter. I agree that it was the right decision to reach out to me, and I immediately opened this investigation into demonic possession as presented in Super Mario Odyssey.

Upon beginning my investigation, the obvious first assumption was that this was a class II noncorporeal possession. As is common knowledge, class II possessions should not be outright ignored, but they don’t generally pose a threat to the living. As outlined in Tobin’s Spirit Guide, spirits that do not have the strength to possess an organic life form but desire to be close to the energy of the living will often inhabit articles of clothing in the hopes of being wrapped in the warmth of an organic body. Spectrally animated clothing is common among rural homesteads and funeral homes, but is not often seen in densely populated urban areas such as New Donk City.

Based on the available footage and eyewitness reports, my initial assumptions regarding the noncorporeal possession of Mario’s hat - from here forward referred to as “Cappy” - made sense in the presented narrative. A spirit or specter somehow made its way to New Donk City and found an article of clothing that is frequently, if not always, in direct contact with a living body. Mario is almost exclusively known for wearing his iconic hat, an article of clothing that, without it, would render Mario virtually unrecognizable. Based on the information that class II possessions desire or require a close proximity to the living, Cappy would be the ideal candidate for possession.

Mario Odyssey Goomba.jpg

This was the standing theory that I formed and almost deemed conclusive until the revelation that other objects in the physical space, living or otherwise, were suffering from bouts of possession as well. Again, this is not an all too uncommon occurrence, but an alarm was raised upon my realization that the newly possessed subjects were not only taking on traits of Cappy, but of Mario himself. It was at this stage that my investigation shifted from the spectral to something much more sinister. This also posed some new questions: Why would a working class citizen of New Donk City rely on such dark magicks? What would he have to gain? And probably most importantly, what do the rest of us have to lose?

For further insight, I decided to consult a more learned expert on demonic possession. I reached out to my friend and former mentor during my 7 years in the seminary, Father Giuseppe Sacerdote. After explaining the situation and showing Father Sacerdote the available footage of Super Mario Odyssey, he shared the following:

“What’s this – a video game? I don’t know anything about this. Are you okay, Ron? Did you ever talk to that doctor I recommended?”

As an expert and an individual whom I respect, I took Father Sacerdote’s words to heart, but I did not find them useful to my greater investigation. If nothing else, his response only raised more suspicions and I am now considering that the possession may be extending outside of New Donk City. I believe that Cappy or Mario or whoever is behind all of this may have caught wind of my research and are out to put an end to it before I uncover the darker truth. I believe that my investigation may have been compromised.

As of now, the evidence is inconclusive, but rest assured that this investigation will remain open until I am able to get to the bottom of it. Too many cases are left open just long enough to go cold, but I have a commitment to the Nintendo Life and greater community to see this through to the end. Moving forward, I hope to formulate a clearer plan of action for this continued investigation and provide regular follow ups until the truth has been uncovered.*

*Editor’s note: Ron was not given permission to write this article and there will be no follow up. We are doing what we can to make sure he receives the help that he needs. We apologise for any confusion or concern this may have caused.