If you asked a sizeable group of Switch owners what voice chat options they want on the system, there are decent odds that quite a few would simply ask for a Discord app. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a popular service that allows players to easily setup groups, friend lists and voice/text chat at will. You can run it through a web browser or get more features by downloading apps for PC, Mac, Linux or smart devices.

It's popular because of how multifunctional it is, and when quizzed by an eager fan of the app the company indicated it was open to the idea.

The 'don't hold your breath' part of our headline is there for one simple reason - Nintendo. Unless Nintendo teams up with a company like Discord for its official service - which wouldn't be a typical move for the company - it'd arguably say no to any services that offer an alternative to the planned official smart device app that'll cover voice chat and lobbies on Switch. We're due to get a version of this in the Summer (probably with Splatoon 2), but we'll have to pay to use it from 2018 onwards.

On top of that Nintendo would need to give approval for apps like this to access the system's tools and web browser capabilities directly, a potential sticking point for other ideas like that Rainway streaming app. Hacks for 3DS and Wii U sometimes originated through exploits for third-party apps, so Nintendo will be security conscious.

Perhaps Nintendo's end service will offer a Discord-style service through our smart devices, and hopefully the system itself in future. We suspect plenty will complain about accessing voice chat and lobbies from a smart device rather than through a dedicated Switch hardware app, and if there's enough noise about it Nintendo may eventually relent.

Would you like to see a Discord app on Switch, or do you think the odds are too long to even think about it?

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