It's easy to overlook small details in Nintendo Direct broadcasts, especially in sizzle-reel trailers that cut between new shots every second. The internet doesn't miss a thing, though, and one of our readers pointed a couple of likely character reveals snuck into the end of the ARMS segment of the Direct. After checking it wasn't an elaborate fan-creation from Reddit, we did see that, yep, two potential characters pop up in that final trailer.

First there's a male character doing what we assume is an evil laugh, and doesn't appear to be one of the existing cast. Then there's a floating head that becomes what looks, to us, like a scary robotic bear. The nature of the characters and their cutscene intros suggests they could be boss characters from the Grand Prix solo mode. Perhaps ARMS will mimic classics like the Street Fighter franchise in having a 'normal' boss for lower difficulty playthroughs and then a killer robotic bear as the 'real' ending.

Killer bear.JPG
Killer robot bear thing.JPG

The characters pop up at roughly 19:50 and 19:54 in the video below.

What do you make of these sneaky character inclusions in the ARMS Direct?