Part of the innovation that helps Nintendo Switch stand out is the implementation of the Joy-Con controllers, which combine to create a dual-stick controller but also function as solo options for multiplayer gaming. This was only possible for Nintendo, however, by ditching the D-Pad, leaving players to buy a Pro Controller or a compatible Bluetooth alternative to get around it.

Of course, this is 2017, so gamers find other ways. 3D Printing is an obvious solution, so Engadget has tried out a D-Pad mod that is fixed over the existing face buttons on the left Joy-Con.

The downside, however, is that it can leave markings on the area where it's fixed, scratching the left Joy-Con in the process. Below is Engadget's summary:

For me, the scuffs on my Joy-con are a deal-breaker, but if you don't mind having a little wear on your controllers or happen to have a spare set, EmperorFaiz's D-pad design is a fun, geeky solution for one of the Switch's minor problems. It's not as nice as Nintendo's official Pro Controller, or even the 8Bitdo bluetooth gamepads -- but if you have access to a 3D printer it's by far the cheapest way give your Nintendo Switch that classic retro-controller feel.

You can see a video on Engadget's article, too (link below).

Would you consider a 3D printed solution to the Joy-Con D-Pad conundrum?

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