The Pokémon series has all sorts of fans, something The Pokémon Company leveraged in a series of celebrity videos in 2016. Collecting Pocket Monsters seems to draw in gamers from all walks of life, often developing many into full-blown collectors and enthusiasts.

Another in this category is Chicago Cubs Shortstop Addison Russell, of course a World Series winner last year. In a weekend interview on ESPN he was asked about his collection of Pokémon Trading Cards, and he seems to take them on the road in a binder to get signed by opposition players. His idea is to have players sign cards where the Pokémon has similar strengths and attributes, sort of...

It's rather charming, and you can see it in the video below at the 2 minute 23 second mark.

If you can't see the video above in your country there's a shortened version on the MLB website.

Pokémon - it's everywhere.