If you've taken part in the ARMS Global Testpunch recently then you'll no doubt find yourself humming the game's excellent theme tune for most of your waking hours - it's that catchy.

In case you're one of the few people who haven't heard it yet - or you need reminding so it can torment you for even longer - here's what it sounds like:

That's a pretty stirring piece of music and fits the action perfectly, but we think it sounds even better when performed in an 8-Bit style. 

YouTuber Loeder has done the honours, stating:

I'm so hyped for this game!! The ARMS direct was really good and the new characters are great as well. I had this theme stuck in my had for a while now so I figured I made a video of it.

This is also the first time I've translated a human voice into 8-bit, I think it came out pretty good! Enjoy!

I use MidiTrail to make the video. It is a program that gives you a cool 3D view by loading a piano midi.

I use FL Studio with a plugin called NES VST, made by Matt Montag.

This song is 8-bit, and is faithful to the limits of the NES (except for maybe the audio quality.)

Do you struggle to get the ARMS theme out of your head? What do you make of this retro version? As ever, compose your own comment below to tell us.