Looks great in 1080p, honest

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is amazing, as you'll know if you've consulted our review. However, you may have noticed that when running the game docked there's no visual boost over the handheld mode; both run at 720p. While some have guessed this is down to a lack of processing muscle on the part of the Switch, Microsoft itself has contested this.

Speaking to TIME, Microsoft pointed out that the issue lies in the change of resolution when docking and undocking the Switch:

Microsoft notes that Minecraft's 720p docked/undocked resolution isn't a question of system power, but stems from issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking. It's possible, albeit not confirmed, that Minecraft for Switch could hit 1080p docked down the road.

While that's a long way from being a confirmation that Microsoft intends to produce a patch to solve this issue, at least we know that it's not a power issue. Why this problem impacts Minecraft when other games are able to transition between different resolutions is also unclear. 

Do you hope that Minecraft will eventually run in 1080p on Switch, or is it a non-issue for you personally? Share your thoughts by constructing a comment below, block-by-block.

[via time.com]