Those of you advanced enough in years (and based in Europe) will no doubt recall the Kick Off series of football (soccer to our North American chums) titles on home computers and consoles. Alongside Sensible Software's Sensible Soccer series, Kick Off was considered by many to be the pinnacle of the genre - until EA's FIFA and Konami's International Superstar Soccer / Pro Evo Soccer came along, at least.

Creator Dino Dini recently produced a successor in the form of Kick Off Revival on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam, and publisher The Digital Lounge has now revealed that a Nintendo Switch port is "in its plans":

Given the esteem in which the Kick Off series is held this might normally be reason for celebration, but sadly Kick Off Revival has been mauled by critics since its launch last year. Our friends over at Eurogamer were perhaps kinder than most when they said:

What Kick Off Revival does emphatically is scratch a certain retro itch of user unfriendliness, to the extent that getting the better of the CPU or a human opponent within its shock corridor of ricochet gameplay feels like a genuinely hard-won achievement. When things are going your way, there are fleeting moments of euphoria to be found in its exaggerated physics and sense of teetering calamity. And when you're getting unfairly thumped, there's still a grim, chew-toy satisfaction in straining every sinew to get back in the game. It might not be a dead-on Kick Off revival. But it's not quite dead on arrival either.

Perhaps the issues which have plagued the game since launch will be fixed by the time the Switch version arrives; if this turns out to be the case, would you be excited about playing this? Lace up those boots and make sure the magic sponge is ready, and leave us a comment while you're at it.