If you've been watching a lot of gaming YouTube channels over the past couple of years you've likely come across Gang Beasts, a multiplayer game in which strange characters brawl and throw each other around, with quirky physics being a key feature. It's been on Steam early access for quite some time, though is still gradually moving towards a full release.

In addition to a full release on PC developer Boneloaf is targeting consoles, with a PS4 build in the works. The developer's co-founder - James Brown - has been speaking to Games Industry.biz about challenges bringing the game to Xbox One due to its 'parity' clause, and also highlighted the Nintendo Switch as an option that's being explored.

It's made clear that the small development team is keen on a Switch version, even buying a retail unit to try out the Joy-Con controllers. Conversations have started with Nintendo about getting development kits and approval, though clearly there's a long way to go.

We get asked for the Switch and we are talking about it but there are certain things behind the scenes that we need to do - like optimising the characters - in order to hit that platform.

Would you like to see Gang Beasts on the Nintendo Switch eShop?

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