Galaxy Fight

Another week, another Neo Geo classic pops up on the Switch eShop. Later today you'll be able to sample the delights of Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors which is (unsurprisingly) another fighting game. 

Released in 1995 by Sunsoft, the game sees you take on the mantel of one of eight warriors thrown into a world which we are told "was destroyed by the destructors of the universe". So yeah, it's basically a fighting game set in outer space!

Galaxy Fight was Sunsoft's first attempt at creating a entry in the ever-popular one-on-one fighting genre, and it's not really remembered as being one of the best, with generic characters and slightly dull gameplay when compared to similar games of its day. 

Of course Sunsoft would go on to develop Waku Waku 7 which is on the Switch eShop already and is generally more fondly remembered.

Will you be picking up Galaxy Fight later today for your Switch? Let us know with a comment below.