Announced back in March, upcoming Switch eShop title De Mambo now has a firm release date. Development studio The Dangerous Kitchen has taken the opportunity of the game's BitSummit appearance in Kyoto - and a cameo in the most recent Japanese edition of The Cat Mario Show - to provide the key update on its game.

A colourful game that focuses on the simplicity of one button controls, it'll have competitive multiplayer, co-op and solo modes.

The first smashing game on Nintendo Switch will launch with three modes; ‘Mambo’ the 2-4 player multiplayer dance of death; ‘Solo’ the salivating single-player gameplay extravaganza; and ‘Survival’ the 1-4 player co-op mode where survival is the name of the game… literally!

It looks like another fun title for the system; you can check out its March trailer below.

Will you be keeping an eye on this ahead of its late June release?