It seems that Square Enix currently has the hots for the Nintendo Switch, with the company eager to be seen as supportive of the hardware. Just recently company President Yosuke Matsuda was quoted as saying the company was actively working on new projects for the system while exploring various ports, and now another established figure in the company has directly teased a Switch project.

Takashi Tokita, the head of Square Enix's Business Division 9, posted the following tweet; roughly translated it says "Top secret mission starts!".

Tokita-san has had a long history with the company, actually starting at Square way back in 1985; a notable line on his CV is that he was a director for Chrono Trigger on SNES. In more recent years his department has had a strong focus on mobile releases, including Final Fantasy remakes, reimaginings and similar projects. His role at the company has also earned him 'Special Thanks' credits on the likes of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and most recently I Am Setsuna.

Square Enix has already been active on Switch with the aforementioned I Am Setsuna and Dragon Quest Heroes I•II, while Dragon Quest XI and Project Octopath Traveler are on the way. The fact that a studio with notable experience in smartphones is seemingly working on a Switch project is also no surprise, as the console is ultimately a tablet with a Tegra X1-based GPU (perhaps even an off-the-shelf X1) inside.

All will become clear in time - Square Enix are masters of teases well before games see the light of day, so patience is probably a good idea. In any case, what do you hope to see from the company on Switch? Some Final Fantasy remakes, something all new? Let us know in the comments.

With thanks to ThanosReXXX for the heads up.