Among the various Nintendo Direct shenanigans earlier this month, the Japanese broadcast included the unveiling of a 'Senran Kagura' game coming to the eShop in Japan. The advert for it put HD Rumble front and centre and, well, it's quite something.

Series producer Kenichiro Takaki spoke about the eShop project in Weekly Famitsu recently, highlighting how Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura is a departure from the full games in the series. According to a Gematsu translation we should use our imaginations for how HD Rumble will be used - that for a series that's always been adult in its material to varying degrees, occasionally causing controversy in the West.

Beyond that fans of the IP may be intrigued by the concept. It'll be 'affordable' and Asuka will be the only character to appear on screen, with a new visual design focused on "the portrayal of light". It's described as a "pure and wholesome" entry focused on character feelings, with a "charmingly stupid" storyline.

We're intrigued, in any case, though we'll have to wait and see whether this will ever make it to the West.