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Makers of high-end collectibles First 4 Figures has announced Fighter Kirby will be its latest product. Originally featured in Kirby Super Star, the SNES figure sees Fighter Kirby performing an emphatic kick in his trademark pose. As with the all First 4 Figure statues there will be a regular version and an exclusive version with the latter lighting up. This is the third statue in First 4 Figures' Kirby line after Sword Kirby and Meta Knight; the pricing structure is as follows:

Kirby Exclusive: $269.99 (£218.00 approx)
Kirby Regular: $249.99 (£202.00 approx)

Check out the below video for a more detailed look at the pink puffball:

Fighter Kirby can be pre-ordered on Tuesday 11th April, with a live stream taking place beforehand to celebrate the release:

Live stream starts:-

11th April - 7am (California), 10am (New York),
11th April - 3pm (London), 4pm (Germany), 10pm (Hong Kong)

Pre-order launch starts 1 Hour later at 11pm (Hong Kong)

Will you be placing an order for Fighter Kirby?