We rather like the Nintendo Minute show, which has been a weekly occurrence on Nintendo of America's YouTube channel for quite some time. Hosts Kit & Krysta have quite rightly become rather popular, and they even managed to keep the videos going in the rather quiet spells of 2016.

The duo's latest upload includes some guests as they play 1-2-Switch to celebrate Kit's birthday. We think it's a good video as it reflects the slightly weird nature of the game - if you're not a young child, extrovert or slightly drunk it can be quite awkward to play, as this writer can attest from a relatively recent gathering in which I was pushed into all sorts of shenanigans while playing it with strangers.

With a willingness to laugh, though, the game can work. It just starts off feeling a tad uncomfortable, and embarrassment is always lurking underneath the surface.

Will you be finding likeminded gamers to play this game with, or will you let this one pass you by?