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If you were lucky enough to pick up a shiny new Nintendo Switch last week then chances are the last thing you'll want to do is pull your new system apart, but thankfully we don't have to resort to extreme surgery to see what it looks like on the inside - we have the kind folks over at fictiv to do that for us.

Not only have they picked apart the console itself - finding an impressive amount of thermal control inside - they've also deconstructed the Joy-Con, Joy-Con grip and dock.

58ba4335cbbbf398245056ec_Nintendo Switch-2440.jpg
58ba43411c25825843bb9b06_Nintendo Switch-2438.jpg
58ba276d1233979a439c9e3b_Nintendo Switch-2587.jpg
58ba260a1c25825843bb9ad2_Nintendo Switch-2621.jpg
58ba26e51c25825843bb9ad5_Nintendo Switch-2656.jpg
58ba270d7159bebb24782eda_Nintendo Switch-2652.jpg

Be sure to head over to the site for the full teardown, plus plenty of analysis on what's found inside. If you'd rather see this process in motion, then check out iFixit's footage below.