Its been two weeks or so now since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and for me I've always felt that whenever new hardware is released it's an interesting time. We move from rumours and hoaxes, to hardware specs and launch lineups, to finally getting the games in our hands. By the way, I hope you've been able to secure your Switch and, if not, you'll get one soon.

That waiting period - where it's almost there, but not quite yet - can be frustrating, especially when you see ads all over the place and you try to figure out how the hardware and software play from examining short clips on the television (or internet, its 2017, right?). For Switch the commercial advertisements from the East and the West couldn't be more different. The American Super Bowl ad (especially the extended cut) showed off different groups of trendy young people getting their Switch fix. Contrasted with Japan where the ads featured a middle aged TV comedy actor showing off the Switch to his famous friends and co-workers, the two were very different.

The actor in question is named Yo Oizumi and he has been around the Japanese TV scene for about 20 years. He slowly rose to the top and now stars in many types of televisions shows, movies and commercials. But, there's one piece of his work that you may have encountered before. That's because Yo Oizumi is the voice of Professor Layton in the Japanese versions of all the Professor Layton games, as well as the feature film, and in some commercials he dresses up in the costume of the character.

For some evidence to this fact, check out the video below, it has a few clips of some other funny and crazy commercials from Japan for games, food and other things as well, those never get boring. As for Yo Oizumi, whatever project he's up to next, at least he'll have the Switch to keep him busy in his downtime.

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