When any new console launches, from Nintendo and otherwise, it's a period of excitement, buzz and plenty of irrationality online. Advocates and critics have blazing arguments, praise is high and issues are blown out of proportion, and actually understanding the cold reality is tricky. Nintendo has been able to boast of a record hardware launch for its history, while The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has led the way in the launch line-up (and also given the Wii U a retail send-off), so there have been official positives among all the noise.

Now that we're heading into the second week, however, we'll likely see a rapid change in perspectives online and elsewhere. The world moves on fast, and Switch will settle in as Nintendo's current console and embark upon its quest for consistent momentum and success, which matters more (all told) than how many flew off the shelves over the first few days.

So as some see the end credits in launch games and we look over the second week of eShop offerings, how are you feeling about the Nintendo Switch, minus all that launch hubbub? Are you still happily playing the system, or still content with your decision to hold off on buying one? Does it still give you a thrill, or has it settled under your TV like an old friend alongside your other systems and gadgets?

Let us know in the polls and comments below, and later today some of our team will be sharing their thoughts after a week with the system.

Have you bought a Nintendo Switch?
How many Nintendo Switch games (retail and download) do you have?
In your opinion, what's the general vibe around Switch right now?