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Happy Switchmas Day everyone! It was like the day would never come. No, seriously, this writer thought the wait would never end.

The system is here though - its launch line-up has The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and some other stuff at retail, while the eShop line-up fleshed out a little prior to launch (especially with Neo Geo games in Europe). Most new owners should be able to find at least a couple of games to play, and all with the system can unite in 'the fear' - scratching the screen when docking the blasted thing.

It's an exciting time but, of course, not everyone has jumped onto the Switch hype train at launch, and that's entirely understandable. In addition to the small bank loan required to pick up extra accessories, the biggest launch game is also out on Wii U (stay tuned, we have early impressions of that right around the corner). For some it can be a question of money, or simply waiting until the right combination of games arrives on the system. Some have ordered the system and retailers - particularly in the UK - have let them down (we'll be covering that too, we've just been trying to get the full picture).

In any case, on this first ever Switchmas we thought we'd find out how merry everyone's feeling. Are you wearing silly jumpers and wallowing in delight, unbothered by the whole thing or left with a lump of coal in your stocking? Sound off in the poll and comments below.

Have you bought a Nintendo Switch?
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What's your 'Switch vibe' right now?