You want chips with that?

When it was announced that the Nintendo Switch would indeed be using an Nvidia Tegra chipset there was rampant speculation regarding the exact silicon it would contain, with some optimistic individuals holding out hope that it would be the next-generation Pascal-based X2 chip.

As time has gone by we've been seeing more and more evidence which points to the fact that the Switch is in fact running a custom variant of the older Tegra X1 rather than newer tech. A recent social media post from ARM appeared to confirm it was close to the X1 spec, but this was later removed.

However, we now seem to have definitive proof. Chipworks has X-rayed the console's chipset and has discovered that it's identical to the X1 found in the Android Shield TV, with the only major change being a reduction in clock speed, down from 1GHz to 768MHz in docked mode and 307.2MHz in portable mode.

The X1 found its way to market at the start of 2015 but is by no means a slouch when it comes to portable processing power; as the games we've seen on Switch so far attest, this chipset offers plenty of raw power and as developers become more familiar with its features we should see some truly stunning games over the coming years.

Thanks to Blueberry for the tip!