There's so much cool content in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that it's easy to overlook some unique features, and one we're been guilty of ignoring in the Nintendo Life office is the ability to surf on your shield.

The game doesn't make a big song and dance about this ability, outside of two characters who give you rather vague instructions on how to do it, so you'd be forgiven for having made your way through the entire quest without having used this skill even once. However, the moment you discover its existence, it's impossible to venture down a hill in Hyrule without the urge to catch some sweet, sweet surf.

You can shield surf pretty much anywhere there's a gradual angle on the surface, but it works better on grassy hills, sandy deserts and snow-covered slopes than rocky mountains, as a rule. It's also worth noting that the process of surfing will gradually wear down your shield's durability - so you might want to carry a few basic shields to use for this, rather than messing up your best ones. Also, surfing on softer surfaces is kinder on your shield.

Once you've found a hill you want to surf down, hold the ZL button to activate your defensive stance and pull out your shield, then tap X to jump followed immediately by the A button - Link will launch off with his shield under his feet. Pressing Y will cause Link to perform a 1080 degree spin, and it's possible to use your bow to take out targets whilst surfing. To dismount, simply press B.

Between your paraglider, horse and shield, you can therefore travel around Hyrule with a lot more pace than on foot. Just keep an eye out for any suitable slope and surf on down; it's the coolest way to get from A to B, dude.