During the Nintendo Switch's big reveal back in January, plenty of games due out over the next year were shown off, and one of the titles that showed up was Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure. Containing access to all of the episodes in the original season—along with a few extra episodes—this game was a logical port after it made an appearance on the Wii U. No date was given at the time, but Amazon may have accidentally just outed it.

If you check out the game's page over on Amazon, it lists the game for release on June 27th. While there's still a chance that this could be just a placeholder date, it may simply be that Amazon accidentally let the cat out of the bag a little early. Telltale has yet to comment on this, but hopefully it'll be clarified shortly. Also, this is the first time that we've gotten a look at the game's box art, which physical collectors will no doubt appreciate.

Minecraft: Story Mode Box Art

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