[Since publication it has been confirmed by Nintendo that this unit was stolen and then sold illegally; as a result we will no longer embed the video here. If you decide you want to view it anyway, you're welcome to do so at your own discretion.]

There's a Nintendo Switch out in the wild, and we've already had UI and profile settings videos to prove it. NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot is the person responsible, having apparently taken delivery of their preordered console early from a retailer (although if you believe that story, we have some magic beans we'd like to sell you).

We now have the crowning glory of these video leaks - a full unboxing of the console plus a short tour through its opening menus. There are no games seen in action because hiphoptherobot doesn't have any yet - only the console has found its way into their hands.

Needless to say, we'll be doing our very own in-depth unboxing of the system once it arrives. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the footage above and remember: March 3rd isn't far now.

[via youtube.com]