Joy-Con Dog

When the Nintendo Switch was first revealed back in the fall, it didn't take long after that initial showing for the internet to point out how the Joy-Con Grip looks a lot like a dog's face if you look at it right. Since then, plush toys and t-shirts with a Joy-Con dog have begun popping up here and there, and now, a sticker will allow you to turn your Joy-Con Grip into that adorable pup.

A small Kickstarter was started a couple weeks ago by Nintendeal, in which high-quality stickers of a dog's mouth were pitched for the Joy-Con Grip. The Kickstarter has now blown past its initial goal of $1,000, and sits at about $4,500 at the time of writing, with nine days left to go till the Kickstarter ends. If you would like some stickers, just follow the source link and pick a tier, the cheapest option runs for $4.

What do you think? Will you pick up some stickers? What should the Joy-Con dog be named? Share your thoughts in the comments below.