The Nintendo Switch is just weeks away, and Nintendo is still keeping us waiting on some details such as the eShop, the Virtual Console (if it'll even be there at launch) and pinning down a finalised launch day line-up. The company is likely planning a Direct, information drop or new feature-driven videos to answer some questions prior to 3rd March.

We do know of some things that won't be there, however, which arguably represent a step back from the Wii U and - to an extent - the 3DS. At launch it seems the Nintendo Switch won't have a web browser or any of the big-hitting streaming apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The standard line with these things is that they won't be there at launch but could potentially be considered in future updates, and that the company has been focused on making the system "an amazing dedicated video game platform".

The steady ruling out of such features has prompted mixed reactions. One perspective is to shrug the shoulders, as many have smart devices, tablets and / or smart TVs that deliver all of these apps with greater convenience. On the other hand some argue it's a big miss, and a squandered opportunity to promote the Switch console - particularly its Tablet form - as a handy multimedia device on-the-go or at home. Both sides have valid arguments.

This writer isn't convinced it matters, and that's not jumping into the 'Nintendo Defence Force'. I don't use the web browser or any streaming apps through my current consoles (Wii U / PS4) - I browse the web on my PC or phone, and my TV has its own apps for streaming that, frankly, are far better optimised than the console efforts. The more time game companies spend on games and the less on apps that have better versions elsewhere, the better - that's one side of the argument.

That said, for some gamers consoles are a convenient (and perhaps the only) way to access these kinds of apps. Not everyone has a Smart TV or another way to watch Netflix, so perhaps a console is supposed to fill that gap.

Well, we want your perspectives. Should Nintendo have pushed to ensure the Switch delivered various multimedia offerings at launch, or is it right to put those into the background and focus on releasing the best games console it can? Vote in the polls and share your comments below.

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