The world of Final Fantasy is never dull. On top of the main series of games, spin-offs and remakes, there's always been a lot of fun items and events that fans can enjoy. 2017 is no exception and one of the bigger events this year will be the Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo concert tour.

Starting on 2nd April and continuing through July, Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu will be the Master of Ceremonies and accompany his brass band and the Siena Wind Orchestra as they perform uptempo, jazzy renditions of songs from the first ten Final Fantasy game soundtracks.

There have been full orchestras doing classical renditions of select Final Fantasy tracks, but this group is a lot more high energy, and let the more peppy and upbeat songs from the Final Fantasy catalogue - such as Kefka's March and Mambo de Chocobo - get worthy live performances. Final Fantasy Brass and Bravo, or "Bra Bra" as it's called in Japan, has toured Japan since 2015 and has released 3 albums of Final Fantasy arrangements so far.

Check out a promo video of Bra Bra in action, with a special intro from Nobuo Uematsu himself.

The tour will make stops in 19 cities in Japan, and one in Taiwan at the country's National Concert Hall. If you are in Japan or Taiwan when Bra Bra are in town, it's worth checking out. Tickets cost ¥6800 (about $60 / £50 / €55). More information, including some printable sheet music, is available on the Bra Bra website (in Japanese only) The CD albums are also available for expensive (as usual) importing.