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Monday27th Feb 2017

  • News Nintendo Switch Battery Test Reveals Some Surprising Results

    Beats 3DS and New 3DS in terms of stamina

    The stamina of the Nintendo Switch has been something of a talking point ever since it was revealed that the console would last between three to six hours on a single charge. However, it's easy to forget that the days of a handheld running for weeks on a single set of AA batteries are well and truly over;...

  • News Here's What The Day One Nintendo Switch System Update Will Do

    eShop! Social media! Hotspots!

    Like many modern consoles, the Nintendo Switch is due to receive a sizeable day one system update just prior to launch. We've now got solid details on what this update will bring, the most important of which is access to the eShop. Without the update, you won't be able to purchase games or even browse the eShop...

  • News Nintendo Releases Official Switch 'First Time Use' Guide Video

    Get taken through setup by the most friendly voice imaginable

    The Nintendo Switch is just days away, and Nintendo's taking steps to ensure that new owners know exactly what they're doing when they unbox the hardware. A new official video provides a simple guided walkthrough of the initial setup - none of it is complicated, but the big N is...

  • Nintendo Download 2nd March (Europe)

    Breath of the Wild! Ghost Blade HD! SEGA discounts galore! More!

    Another week dawns and just so happens to include the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Download Update details for Europe, however, focus on the Wii U and 3DS treats to come, which happen to include the highest profile launch title for the new system. Beyond that obvious...

Sunday26th Feb 2017

  • News E3 2017 Floor Plans Show Another Sizeable Nintendo Booth

    Right next to the equally bold Sony

    E3 2017 is still quite a while away, but you can bet that won't stop the chatter around the event. With the expo actively selling public tickets for the same event as the media, it promises to be a crowded and rather excitable event this year. It could be a big one, regardless of which platform manufacturers draw...

Monday27th Feb 2017

  • News VOEZ Is The First Nintendo Switch Game You Can Only Play In Portable Mode

    No docking here

    Last week we wrote about the Switch port of VOEZ, a music title which has already found success on iOS and Android smartphones. More details regarding the port are now appearing, with publisher Flyhigh Works pointing out that the title can only be played in portable mode - giving it the distinction of being the first Switch game...

  • Random Infamous British Tabloid Takes 1-2-Switch a Bit Too Seriously

    Won't somebody think of the children?

    Whenever you need a good eye-roll, that cathartic action that makes you feel like you have a grip on the quirky madness of the world, tabloid newspapers are there for you. They say the daft things that need not be said - weirdly, they're typically the best-selling newspapers, which is a slightly distressing...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Legna Tactica

    Tactica Generica

    Kemco has been steadily supplying gamers with a glut of RPGs through the 3DS eShop over the past few years, all ported from mobile and mostly middling in the truest sense of the word — decent but forgettable games that riff off of classics. As the company's latest release, Legna Tactica is a dependable continuation of that policy,...

  • News Nintendo Throws a Blue Shell at Real Life Mario Kart

    Japanese Company "Maricar" is being sued for copyright infringement

    A popular Japanese company that let you live out your childhood dreams and race karts dressed as Mario and company are being sued by Nintendo for Copyright Infringment. The go karting firm that goes by the name "Maricar" lets anyone that holds a Japanese driving license race around...

  • News RIVE is Coming to the Nintendo Switch This Year With an 'Exclusive Expansion'

    "RIVE is a great fit for Nintendo Switch"

    RIVE is the last game by Two Tribes, with the founders of the company that brought us the Toki Tori franchise signing off with a full-on and explosive 2D shooter. As a nod to ideals of old-school difficulties and game styles it's an excellent title, but sadly its Wii U eShop version looked doomed and is now...

  • Video Usain Bolt Brings Olympian Power in Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailers

    The Pokémon Company continues to invest big in the series

    If Nintendo researches successful marketing campaigns and their franchises it need not look much further than Pokémon, in which the big N naturally has a significant stake. During the 20th Anniversary celebrations last year and the launch of Pokémon GO followed by Pokémon Sun and Moon, we...

  • News Wii Karaoke U To Close In Europe By End Of March

    Hit Mii baby one more time

    Nintendo has revealed that the Wii Karaoke U service is to end at the close of March in Europe. After 23:59 BST on 31st March, the service will go offline and any ticket purchased for use with the software will cease to work. From 1st March the 30-day ticket will no longer be available, and on 31st March itself all other...

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  • Hands On Creating a Quest in RPG Maker Fes


    It's no secret that the 3DS is an RPG paradise, with new entries in both fresh and familiar franchises coming out faster than most fans can keep up with. It's an almost infinite bounty of adventure. But could it be more infinite? Enter RPG Maker Fes. A portable version of the long-running RPG-creation toolkit that lets players...

  • News RPG Maker Fes and Culdcept Revolt Set for Summer Arrivals on 3DS

    NIS America continues to localise intriguing titles

    NIS America is well-known for taking on the localisation of games out of Japan that, otherwise, would likely never see the light of day in the West. During an event in San Francisco it's now confirmed two more 3DS titles that it's bringing to North America and Europe. First up is RPG Maker Fes,...

  • Hands On Trying Out the Nintendo Switch on its Public Tour

    The UK console tour comes to Manchester

    Whilst we're counting down the final two weeks before the Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd, Nintendo has been hosting special hands-on events in which the public can get their first experiences with the console and several of its games. We managed to grab ourselves some tickets for the first of the three...

Friday17th Feb 2017

Thursday16th Feb 2017

  • Video Hackers Bring Nintendo 64 To The NES Classic Edition

    And Sega 32X, too

    When the NES Classic Edition was initially announced as shipping with a preset list of thirty popular games, many scoffed. The selection of titles certainly reads like a who's who of memorable NES classics, but of course, there was always the question of why there wasn't some way to build upon that collection with some sort of...

  • Video Nintendo Switch User Interface Shown Off In Leaked Footage

    Someone has been a bit naughty

    Earlier today a NeoGAF forum user by the name Hiphoptherobot posted a photo accompanied by the claim that they had received their Switch preorder more than two weeks early. The poster declined to mention from where they had ordered their system, out of concern that Nintendo may retaliate against the retailer. When...

Wednesday15th Feb 2017

  • Gallery These Nintendo Switch VR Mock-Ups Are Rather Eye-Catching

    The work of Industrial Designer Antoine Beynel

    Though Nintendo is adamant that the Nintendo Switch is capable of supporting Virtual Reality (VR) content, it seems that the feature could be a little while off as the company considers its options for implementing the technology. Although a VR accessory featured in a rather detailed patent for the...

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    Wii U eShop / TG-16

    Review Gradius

    Arcade-style pew-pew

    Gradius will forever be considered a definitive game in the shoot 'em up genre, held up as a key example of what makes these kind of games truly special. It's a game familiar for its iconic NES version, of course, but the release of the TurboGrafx-16 iteration on the Wii U Virtual Console is a welcome one - after all, it was a...

Monday13th Feb 2017

Sunday12th Feb 2017

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    3DS eShop

    Review Mercenaries Saga 3

    Fun for hire

    The 3DS eShop is no stranger to strategy RPGs; aside from retail heavy hitters like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fates and Stella Glow, it's also been blessed with smaller but still eminently enjoyable experiences like Ambition of the Slimes, and the surprisingly solid Mercenaries Saga 2. CIRCLE Entertainment was responsible for

  • News Splatoon 2 Global Testfire To Take Place During Nintendo Switch Launch Month

    You'll be able to use your Splatoon amiibo, too

    Nintendo has revealed that a Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event will take place shortly after the launch of the Switch, giving owners a chance to sample the sequel for free. The demo will be available for download from the eShop and in terms of content will include four different main weapons, including...

Saturday11th Feb 2017

Friday10th Feb 2017

  • Poll Does Nintendo Switch Need Streaming Apps and a Web Browser, Or Is It All About Games?


    The Nintendo Switch is just weeks away, and Nintendo is still keeping us waiting on some details such as the eShop, the Virtual Console (if it'll even be there at launch) and pinning down a finalised launch day line-up. The company is likely planning a Direct, information drop or new feature-driven videos to answer some questions prior to 3rd...

  • News The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Screenshot Confirms Returning Character

    Still no Tingle?

    As we close in to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it is customary for more details to emerge. If you are wanting to venture into the world of Hyrule completely blind come March 3rd, however, then click away now. Previously we mentioned a screenshot showing a lone wanderer in front of what seems to be a...

  • News Hackers Use Emulator to Make Game Boy, Mega Drive and SNES Games Playable on NES Mini

    So it's come to this...

    The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe) proved to be a festive hit for Nintendo, with demand for the retro system surprising the big N. Though the tiny little console is emulating a fixed list of 30 games, it's doing so in a typically charming and...

  • News Bomberman Is Coming To Arcades As Bombergirl

    With anime girls and destructible clothing, obviously

    As well as bringing Bomberman to the Switch in the form of Super Bomberman R, Konami - for reasons unknown - is creating an arcade title based on the franchise which uses anime-style girls instead of the titular Bombermen. According to 4gamer, this forthcoming title will be a 4-on-4 coin-op...

  • News GameSeek States It'll Keep Selling Nintendo Switch for £198.50 Up to Release

    Neon Red and Blue models to be offered soon

    Prior to the formal Nintendo Switch unveiling in January various retailers were hedging their bets with listings for the system, often applying speculative prices. One of the most eye-catching of these was GameSeek, which listed the console for pre-orders at £198.50. When the standard UK price for the...

  • News Google Trends Data Demonstrates Interest in Nintendo Switch

    Analyse this

    The games industry is rather tough to predict. No matter how many analysts are paid to predict the future, not many - for example - expected the Wii to take off as it did. Now as we march towards the Switch launch there are varied thoughts on its prospects, as would be expected. The Console-Deals blog has been dropping some date ranges...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Punch Club

    ​Get up, you son-of-a... 'cos Shiggy loves ya

    Ever wonder what it's like to be a fighter? If you'd like to experience the life, Punch Club thinks it's the game for you. Let's find out if this fighting strategy/simulation is worth lacing up the gloves for. Your life in Punch Club starts out with a brief cutscene showing your father, who was...

  • Video Nintendo Comes Out Swinging With New ARMS Footage

    A look at characters, moves and strategies

    Nintendo seems rather positive about the prospects of ARMS on Nintendo Switch, giving the game prominence at preview events and citing it as a potential breakthrough title in competitive gaming. It also appeals, of course, to nostalgia for Wii-era motion controls, as you punch and swing your arms to create...

  • News The Castlevania Netflix Series Will Be Based on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

    Also, will be a hard 'R'

    Just yesterday, it finally came to light that the long rumoured film adaptation of Castlevania would be making its appearance as a Netflix series, due to make its season 1 debut later on this year. Not much else was revealed, aside from who would be producing and writing for the show, but now a few more details have been...

  • News Rare Veteran David Wise is Producing the Soundtrack for Switch Title Snake Pass

    "It set my mind on fire"

    There are few video game sound composers that are as readily recognisable in style as David Wise. He made his name if the 'good old days' at Rare, producing the soundtracks to titles such as Donkey Kong Country. His compositions continue to grace a number of titles - two varied examples on Wii U are Donkey Kong Country:...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Plantera

    A nice day in the garden

    Sometimes it can be nice to simply relax with a peaceful, calming game, that doesn't demand great skill or dedication. That is exactly what Plantera delivers. It is centred around growing a garden and selling produce in return for money, with which more plants and animals can be bought, and so on. The gameplay isn't...

  • Video The Weird and Wonderful World of the SteamWorld Miiverse Communities

    Co-presented by Allbran Sigson

    Miiverse is, alas, one day going to be but a treasured memory. A quirky part of the Wii U and 3DS landscape, Nintendo is moving on and not including its bespoke social network on the Switch; that's a bit of a pity, as some entertaining posts will no doubt be lost. Image & Form has now produced a funny video...

Thursday9th Feb 2017

  • News There Won't Be a New Skylanders Game in 2017

    Still, you can get Imaginators on Switch...

    The Skylanders franchise kickstarted the toys-to-life craze, which prompted rivals to emerge. Disney Infinity started well but faded to cancellation, however, though LEGO Dimensions is still adding various waves to its original release. Nintendo's own amiibo range is an alternative take on the model, of...

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    New Nintendo 3DS

    Review Lifespeed

    F-Zero meets Star Fox

    First announced in 2015, this promising futuristic racing game's been on the horizon for quite a while. Having seen its fair share of delays, it's now finally here. But has it proven worth the wait? Lifespeed wastes no time getting down to brass tacks, as after booting it up and reaching the main menu you'll be presented with...

  • Video Digital Foundry Puts the NES Mini Up Against Retro Rivals

    Compared to Analogue NT, the original NES and the Virtual Console

    The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe) was a hit in the last Holiday season, even if stock issues meant that not everyone that wanted a system could pick one up. For those that do have a NES Mini, though,...

  • Video Learn More About the Ever-Present Pikachu

    The iconic face of a franchise

    The Pokemon series is one of the most important IPs on Nintendo hardware, while The Pokemon Company also goes big with releases on smart devices and the Trading Card Game. Often, when Pokemon is front and centre, Pikachu is normally used as the face of the franchise. With Pokemon now in its 21st year the yellow mascot...

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