1-2-Switch is an intriguing launch release for the Nintendo Switch - on the one hand it feels like an ideal pack-in that will instead cost a decent chunk of change, while on the other it'll likely be the best way to showcase the brilliant Joy-Con controllers. As a result it's tempting to pick up, even if we complain about it as we pop it in the online trolley.

Its included minigames vary from awkward to clever, and the 'Milk' game is the strangest and most uncomfortable of all. We said the following in our own 'first impressions' of the game.

How this game is received very much depends on the age of the player and their state of mind. You sit opposite each other, supposed to look each other in the eyes, while 'milking' a cow. To do this you hold the Joy-Con vertically and, through a combination of a button and a steady motion, work the virtual teats, with the Rumble HD providing feedback; the winner is the one with the most bottles of milk at the end.

Children will find it funny, grown-up friends after a few refreshments at the local public house will likely find it hilarious, and two thirty-something game writers that have had minimal sleep will likely find it utterly peculiar, and slightly uncomfortable.

Now Tiny Cartridge has posted a rather funny video with site co-owner JC Fletcher taking on Nintendo's JC Chavez; the latter will be familiar from various Treehouse streams and Nintendo Directs. They show off the game, with all of the awkwardness you'd expect - it neatly shows how the game is both fun and bizarre.

We do rather like Tiny Cartridge and its spin on portable gaming in particular, so be sure to check out the site.

[via tinycartridge.com]