Having only just entered the year, tournament season is very much underway with the annual GENESIS 4 event taking place last weekend. The highly regarded tournament gathered fighters from around the globe to San Jose, California to prove who really is the best.

With events setup for Street Fighter V, Towerfall Ascension and of course the Super Smash Bros. series, it was a match in the losers quarter final of the singles Melee tournament that plenty have been talking about since. Already being touted as "set of the year", the questions is whether this was one of the greatest Melee match ups of all time.

Smash Bros Melee Tournament.png

In the left corner representing Sweden we have Leffen, known for his superb technical ability with Fox. Facing up against him in the right corner we have Mango (Sometimes referred to as "The Kid") who like his combatant is also considered one of the greatest Fox players in the world, though in this heated match he opted for the similar Falco. These two players both ranked at 5th and 3rd place on the SSBMRank for 2016; So it's fair to say they're both pretty damn good. The video of this epic match (which has already been viewed 100,000 times) can be watched below.

After the clash of these titans, Leffen supported Mango to triumph the remaining rounds to become champion. Subsequently this was not a fairy tale ending, as Mango then went on to lose in the next round against the would be champion Armada. Crowned the winner of the singles category, Armada took home winnings of a cool $8520. Not too bad for an afternoon's work.

GENESIS 4 wasn't without some controversy, it should be noted. In the Smash Bros. Wii U bracket it seems that knockback may have been set to 0.9 instead of 1.0; that may sound minor, but at the top level can have a notable impact on matches. You can catch up on a full account of that here.

In any case, what did you think of the Melee match above? Have you seen better?

[via kotaku.com]