Just before we launch into the crazy world of the Nintendo Switch, developer Fishing Cactus and Choice Publishing have announced that the puzzle game Shift DX will be released onto the 3DS eShop come 12th January. The series, known for its key concept of being able to "shift" the playing field to a different angle and therefore tackle puzzles in an interesting way, has spawned many sequels across PC and IOS, all holding respectable review scores.

Starting from humble beginnings, back in 2008 the black and white puzzle game began life as a flash game before being ported to other devices. Now for the first time it will reach the Nintendo handheld along with a host of new features that include:

  • Over 100 Brand-new puzzles
  • Shift 1 and Shift 2 levels included
  • New Shift Challenge gameplay mode
  • Create levels with the Level Editor
  • Share levels online as QR Codes
  • "Pop-Art" and "Classic" visual modes
  • Unlockable playable avatars from indie games

To get an idea of the tipsy-topsy gameplay you can watch the reveal video below.

Will you be adding Shift DX to your 3DS collection? Tell us in the comments.

[via choicepublishing.com]