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2017 is still barely underway but, from a Nintendo fan's perspective, the coming week is surely one of the most anticipated in quite some time. After last year's teaser video, the big N is finally prepared to show off its next generation of hardware in the Nintendo Switch Presentation. It's now less than a week away, and the system itself is due for release in March.

This week Nintendo also confirmed that beyond the live broadcast from Japan there'll be a Nintendo Treehouse stream to show off Switch games, so it should be a bonanza of footage online. Plenty of media and fans (us included) will also be going hands on with the system, so impressions will be all over the internet. After a 2016 in which the system was kept quiet (officially, though leaks undermined that), Nintendo is now gearing up to go big on the hardware.

A reminder, again, of the event times.

Nintendo Switch Presentation

8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern on 12th January, which is 4am UK / 5am CET / 1pm Tokyo / 3pm AEDT on 13th January

Nintendo Treehouse Live Steam / Game Previews

6:30am Pacific / 9:30am Eastern / 2:30pm UK / 3:30pm CET on 13th January

Of course we're gearing up for all of the events here at Nintendo Life, but with a week to go we want to gauge your hype levels. Our recent New Year's poll showed that plenty of you are optimistic about Nintendo's 2017, with the Switch Presentation and launch being your most anticipated events. Now, with the presentation and Treehouse streams ever closer, are you feeling that new Nintendo hardware buzz?

Let us know in the polls and comments below.

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