Switch it up

Nintendo blew the doors off the Switch today with a special hour-long presentation which covered hardware, launch details and initial software. While the presentation also covered elements of the console's functionality, there wasn't much focus on how the system's UI will work, although images are now online which show the foundations of the interface.

As you can see, the UI is quite clean and slick, with your games and apps appearing in the middle as large icons. The amount of unused space would suggest that home screen themes may well be introduced, just like they were on the 3DS.

At the top there are three avatar symbols, which suggests that adding new users to the console won't be an issue. The icons on the bottom are "Game News", eShop, photos / screenshots (presumably?), Joy-Con, Brightness and Power. In the bottom right corner, it states that the plus and minus buttons open an options menu, while the A button is used to make selections.

While this is still an early image and doesn't necessarily mean it's the final UI, what's interesting is that there's no Miiverse option on this screen. Perhaps it is accessed elsewhere, or maybe Nintendo will add it in later on. A third (and we'd suggest unlikely) option is that Miiverse is being done away with.

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[via twitter.com]