Just recently we shared some early images of the McDonald's Super Mario Happy Meal toys, which are rolling into the UK on 11th January. In a quirky turn, due to shortages of the current Furby toys, some were given out early - that was the source of our early images.

Now a Nintendo Life regular with access to the toys and marketing materials has passed us a whole lot of images and even the upcoming TV commercial, so we thought we'd bring them all together in one place to give you a closer look. Some of the toys have some basic movements, too, so those are also detailed.

Let's get to it.

TV Commercial

Full Lineup

Waving Mario

A lever prompts a waving action.


Bowser comes with two fire breath rods, one is shown in the image; they fire out of his mouth via a button near his 'butt'.


Luigi is on wheels and shoots out of a pipe in similar style to Bowser's fire breath.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is fully static with a lenticular backdrop showing a ? block, then a Super Mushroom from said block.


Yoshi extends his tongue when pressed on the shell.

Koopa Shell

The Koopa Shell is, like Luigi, on wheels. When pulled back it'll drive away like a Hot Wheelz toy.

Piranha Plant

The Piranha Plant raises out of the Warp Pipe via a lever.

Brick Blocks

There are Brick Blocks as a toy, two normal and one question mark. The question mark block has a lever on the back to raise a Star; these can be stacked in multiple ways and multiple toys can be conjoined.

The Happy Meal Box and Colouring Sheet Activities

Let us know which toys you're planning to collect if you're a UK reader, and if you're elsewhere let us know whether you hope to see the same range in your country.