FUN FACT: Togepi can release poison from the spikes on its head.

Gen II monsters are finally in Pokémon GO, but Niantic has disappointed some fans by choosing not to introduce them in the wild. Instead, these 'mon are hatched from eggs which are one of the game's premium items. The debate about whether or not Pokémon GO is now "pay to win" is best left for another day, but the fact of the matter is for the time being, the dream of Gen II pocket monsters involves a lot of walking.

Before we proceed, it's worth noting that not all Gen II monsters have gone live in the game as yet - in fact, the list is quite small. It should also be stated that you have to use eggs which you have obtained following the launch of the latest update - eggs from weeks ago don't seem to have Gen II monsters inside them.

At the time of writing the list below (along with the egg distance values) is believed to be correct by knowledgeable Pokémon sites like Serebii and the Silph Road, but it should be considered subject to change:

  • Pichu: Hatch 2km Egg
  • Cleffa: Hatch 2km Egg
  • Igglybuff: Hatch 2km Egg
  • Togepi: Hatch 5km Egg
  • Togetic: Evolve Togepi (50 Togepi candy required)
  • Smoochum: Hatch 10km Egg
  • Elekid: Hatch 10km Egg
  • Magby: Hatch 10km Egg

All of these monsters are babies, with Togepi seemingly the only monster from this first batch which can be evolved into a full-scale Gen II 'mon.

Do you have any observations on the new Pokémon, or have you discovered some information which contradicts what we've started here? As ever, post a comment to tell us, and indeed the wider world.