FUN FACT: The koto is the national instrument of Japan.

We all know that video game music is some of the most dramatic, striking and downright beautiful around, but nothing can prepare you for the utter magnificence of hearing your favourite Nintendo tunes being played on traditional Japanese instruments.

Say hello to Famikoto, a group of musicians who use traditional Japanese instruments - such as the koto, shamisen and syakuhachi - to play some of the most memorable songs from the world of interactive entertainment.

The group has just confirmed its fourth live performance, which takes place on December 17th at the Toppan Hall in Tokyo. Special guests include HIDE X HIDE, a duo who also work in the field of video game music arrangements.

The games featured in the December performance are Pokemon Red/Blue, Heiankyo Alien, Momotaro Densetsu, Final Fantasy X, MOTHER / EarthBound, Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter X and Bravely Default.

You can check out a previous Famikoto performance - which features tunes from Fire Emblem, Zelda and Super Mario - below.

Should you be lucky enough to find yourself in Japan around December 17th, this might be worth checking out. If you've previously seen Famikoto perform live then let us know your thoughts.