Monsters in your pocket?

Pokémon GO has blazed a trail since its launch over a week ago, combining a globally recognised franchise with Augmented Reality gameplay to create a media phenomenon which shows no signs of slowing down.

However, as is often the case, Pokémon GO isn't the first title to use AR in this way. Nintendo did it on the 3DS at launch, and Pokémon GO developer Niantic already has the successful smartphone app Ingress under its belt.

Another example of AR gaming is the PSP title Invizimals, which launched back in 2009 and used the console's camera attachment to offer a similar kind of experience as Pokémon GO. Tellingly, the game was also supported by a TV series which tried to ape the cross-media success of Nintendo's famous franchise. Invizimals has since been released on the PS Vita, PS3 and smartphones.

Given the similarity between the concepts, you can perhaps forgive Sony XDev Europe for its brief moment of social media smugness:

However, as many commenters have stated, this comparison is hardly fair:

Some have even cheeikly suggested that where Invizimals led, Pokémon GO has truly conquered:

What do you make of this social media bragging? A spot of light-hearted fun to capitalize on a new craze, or pure, unbridled jealousy? We're sure you'll let us know either way by posting a comment.