For Sonic the Hedgehog fans there's hopefully some excitement around the corner - a celebratory Anniversary event in San Diego on 22nd July looks likely to reveal a new Sonic game for 2017. The event is even getting streamed online, so we'll be giving it the full live blog and stream treatment in the hope that it doesn't disappoint.

With this being Sonic's 25th Anniversary year SEGA is doing plenty to raise the brand's profile. This is Sonic and SEGA, though, so the approaches being followed are typically varied.

On the classier side of things, for example, this weekend there'll be an orchestral concert in Tokyo on 17th July to celebrate Sonic and other franchises. As Dengeki Online reports the concert will have special appearances and performances from prominent SEGA figureheads.

On the flipside we can't help but be amused by a couple of videos posted on the meme-happy Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel. It's portraying 'Acts' of a Sonic stage with a toy, cosplaying dog and some simple effects.

Keep on being quirky, Sonic (and get back to form with the games, too).