Tomodachi Life has been around in the West for two years, yet it's still a focus for 'evergreen' sales. The Mii social-sim is at the centre of the latest marketing campaign by Nintendo UK to promote the #3DSLife hashtag, with videos featuring singer and musician Ella Eyre.

Eyre has had quite a few hits as a featured and solo artist, and she's now appeared in a few videos promoting the 3DS title. In the longest she's shown with a friend at her Mum's house talking about her life and the game, while a couple of shorter videos look destined to be TV adverts.

Nintendo UK doesn't bring in celebrities for marketing as much as it did in the Wii and DS heyday, but in any case these seems to be charming commercials. Let us know what you think, and below is Eyre's biggest hit to date - as featured singer on Rudimental's 'Waiting All Night'.