Kick & Fennick

For the handful of you that own a PS Vita, you may remember Kick & Fennick. The action platformer made its debut on the troubled handheld in February 2015, and while the concept of it seemed interesting enough, it received mixed reviews. Kick & Fennick sees players take control of a young boy named Kick who rockets around levels using the recoil of his gun in search of a new energy core for his robot companion Fennick. Back in early March, the title was revealed to be arriving on PS4, Xbox one, and Wii U, and now it's finally received a release date.

The announcement came via a PR release recently, where it was revealed that it would be making its worldwide debut on the Wii U eShop on June 2nd. This time around, publishing duties will be picked up by Abstraction Games, which has previously worked on A Boy and His Blob and Pixel Piracy. A platformer of this type will certainly fit right in on a Nintendo console; to get a feel for what the gameplay will be like, here's the original announcement trailer from the Vita release:

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