Way back in 2014, we reported on a Kickstarter project by Varia Games called ReVeN. Obviously inspired by Metroid, the 2D action platformer eventually met its goals and went into production. Since then, it's been quite a rocky road in the lead up to going gold, and the game still is nowhere near completion. Addressing this, the developers recently left a lengthy note on the game's Kickstarter page explaining why the game is going to be delayed further.

In short, the game is being delayed due to XBridge. Around the middle of 2015, a side game called XBridge was conceptualized as an in-universe prequel to ReVeN, with the intention being that it would tide over fans while they wait for the main game to release. The shmup gained a lot of traction on Steam and ultimately took up a lot of the attention of the developers, putting ReVeN on the backburner. Here's a quote from the post:

The ReVeN Project is pending an undefined release date within 2017. I take full responsibility for starting the side project XBridge and dragging John into it which cost us a lot of time and energy, though it was certainly worth it to us for the skills gained (I can't emphasize this part enough) and the economic potential of it's full version release on steam. There are those who absolutely love XBridge and we have a certain fan base that emerged just from that game alone.

ReVeN is still on the way, but it looks like it'll be a long wait. For the full explanation of the delay, check out the post here.

What do you think? Did you originally back this? Will you still be interested in picking it up next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.