Here's a fun bit of wordplay - GAME said 'Only At Game' for the lovely Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition in the UK, but then had a bit of small text saying it would also come to What larks, ho ho, marketing sneakiness is such a laugh!

In any case, Nintendo's Official UK Store opened pre-orders for the limited edition - for the same price you not only get the same limited edition - which includes Conquest, Birthright and Revelation on one cartridge, a steelbook case, artbook and double-sided poster - but also a 'Fire Emblem Fates Family Crest Coin' with a velvet case and a 3DS HOME Theme. For the same price as that at GAME - £69.99. Unfortunately in the time we saw the deal (email at 16:15 local time) to the point of near publication (30 minutes later) it sold out.

FE Fates Limited Edition.jpg

There are other options, however, which you can view at this page and below (the affiliate links will take you to the relevant product page); they were all still available at the time of publication. [Update: this list was updated at 17:30 local time, 30 minutes after publication, to remove the limited edition hardware and amiibo bundle options - these have also sold out]

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