Part of the enduring charm of the main entries in the Animal Crossing series is the customisation you can carry out on your Mayor. Goofy clothes and accessories mean that, beyond the very limited initial customisation you can have a political leader that's as irreverent, silly or dashing as you see fit.

Though the Villager amiibo provides a limited option for a neat figurine to display, AntBearCo on Etsy offers options that mean you'll effectively be able to have the exact Mayoral figurine you always wanted. You start with male or female models and then customise with a fairly broad range of options, covering clothing style, skin tone, shoe colours and more. It's on a sliding scale - you can get plain figures you customise yourself - and if you pay more you can send images of your Mayor, meaning you can get a close recreation in figure form.

Those that have picked these up certainly seem happy with the results - it's surely only a matter of time before someone clips a Villager amiibo chip into one of these figurines.