After around a month in which it was closed for refurbishment the Nintendo World Store has been re-opened as the Nintendo NY Store, a name change that hopefully points the way to long term plans for more regional stores around the US and beyond. The revamp opens up the space and has more demo units for Wii U and 3DS, including a 15 foot gaming screen.

As you'd expect Nintendo made an event out of its re-opening on 19th February and has shared some official snaps of the event. Quite a number of fans queued up, while Charles Martinet teamed up with some Nintendo of America executives for the big day - these included the marvellously named Vice President of Sales, Doug Bowser.

The official images are below. If you were there or are planning to check out the redesigned store let us know!

Nintendo NY1.jpg© Nintendo of America
Nintendo NY2.jpg© Nintendo of America
Nintendo NY3.jpg© Nintendo of America
Nintendo NY4.jpg© Nintendo of America
Nintendo NY5.jpg© Nintendo of America