Mario Nintendo.jpg© Akio Kon/Bloomberg

While rivals such as Sony and Microsoft have already given their latest financial results, Nintendo is waiting until 2nd February, scheduling it as such a few months ago. As 2016 has a lot going on for the company these quarterly reports are being watched closely, as Nintendo seeks a balance between presenting exciting news to investors to maintain their confidence, while also holding back key reveals.

In any case, plenty of eyes will be on the actual financial results, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima's presentation, and also the investor Q & A. Some positive news is that Nintendo's share value, which occasionally - but not always - gives a clue on how behind-the-scenes talks are going with major investors and shareholders, has ended this week with a substantial increase. In fact, after a decline mid-month it's settled at a level only slightly below its high from the start of the year.

In the final day of trading this week Nintendo's shares climbed nearly 7% to 16,655 Yen, and you can see how this compares to the rest of the month below.

The past couple of weeks have brought plenty of chatter around Nintendo, smart device apps and NX, in particular. Macquarie issued a largely optimistic report that was credited with a spike in share value earlier in the month, while highly respected sources are making claims such as strong NX support from Bandai Namco and a planned Super Smash Bros. launch title.

The true test of investor confidence - and the wider global economy, but let's not get into that - will come once Nintendo reveals its financial results and pitches its plans to investors. We're looking forward to seeing what unfolds.