Sonic Lost World.jpg

We're big fans of Awesome Games Done Quick, which features runs of great games and raises a lot of money for charity. We're also hosting some blocks from the broadcast that feature familiar and fondly regarded games on Nintendo hardware, just in case you're not on top of the schedule.

This time around we have the Sonic block, which is going to feature Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Lost World. The times for these games are below.

04:36 AM Pacific / 07:36 AM Eastern / 12:36 PM UK / 13:36 PM CET - Sonic Advance
05:01 AM Pacific / 08:01 AM Eastern / 01:01 PM UK / 02:01 PM CET - Sonic Advance 3
05:51 AM Pacific / 08:51 AM Eastern / 01:51 PM UK / 02:51 PM CET - Sonic Lost World

You can see it below, and be sure to visit if you want to donate or bid for prizes.