While it may be that North Americans have to wait until early next year, those of you from Europe will be able to pick up Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam in just a few weeks. We recently spent time with the game on a preview build and were fairly satisfied with the product, and it seems that this will be a game well worth the time of any 3DS gamer.

On the Nintendo UK Store, it was recently revealed that those who pre-order the game will receive a papercraft set alongside the game. The figures that'll come with it are Mario, Luigi, and a Goomba. These figures are all faithful recreations of their in-game versions that appear during papercraft fights; here's a video showing one in action:

What do you think? Will this tempt you into pre-ordering? Are you looking forward to Paper Jam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via store.nintendo.co.uk]