It's hard to believe, but Fire Emblem has been a source of SRPG nirvana for almost 25 years already. Of course this statement is kind of cheating, as Nintendo didn't opt to bring the series West until a little over ten years ago, but at least Japan got to enjoy it for all that time. When it comes to Fire Emblem, it seems that Japan has always been given favor over the West, and it appears that this trend will continue with Nintendo's celebration of the series' anniversary.

A new art book has just gone live for pre-order in Japan that will aim to archive all the highlights and key points of Fire Emblem's long history. It goes for sale on 28th November and will be featuring several developer interviews, beautiful art from each game, and more than 100 production materials, some of which have never been seen before. There's no word of this coming West, but you can pick it up here if you don't mind Japanese.

What do you think? Will Nintendo be bringing this West? Are you looking forward to Fire Emblem Fates? Drop us a comment in the section below.