Monster Hunter X (Cross) is now just a few weeks away from release in Japan, bringing with it an action-focused style of play and a whole load of new monsters and variations. With release getting close Capcom hosted an online stream focused on new details, and has released a whole load of goodies.

First of all, we can't help but start off with the latest Palico outfit tie-in with The Legend of Zelda; as you can see below it's a rather cool Toon Link number. It's going to be distributed via 7-Eleven stores in Japan, though, so gamers will need to get out and about to enjoy it.

In addition to that there's a Macross tie-in, which you can see below.

Next up is the opening cinematic - one of them, in any case. These are always a highlight of the franchise, and you can check this out below.

Beyond that there are various monster variations, comebacks and exciting details for eager fans; there's also a demo on the way to the Japanese eShop on 19th November.

For a full rundown we recommend watching the video below from the brilliant gaijin hunter channel.

We're still hopeful that this will come to the West in 2016 - is it on your wishlist?