For a couple of weeks after the appointment of Tatsumi Kimishima we kept an eye on Nintendo share prices, because we're nerdy about that. After a number of consecutive days of line graphs going down following the news of the appointment we wondered why this was - written on 29th September - especially as Kimishima-san and the structural changes in Nintendo can certainly be interpreted as positive steps. We wrote about the vagaries of financial market trends, the emphasis on potential rather than profits and various other areas.

And, you know what? Shares have done nothing but increase in the working days since. One in the eye for us! Not that we were writing against Nintendo but, still, a shift in momentum that's interesting for the right reasons.

It's certainly our policy to try and accentuate the positives, so here it is, a week of improved share value that happily means this writer was barking up the wrong tree hours after putting an article live. That low point highlighted in the last month's share prices below is when we decided it was a topic we wanted to tackle, and you can see what's happened since.

Closing at 21,420 Yen on 5th October, Nintendo has so far recovered to the level from when Kimishima-san was appointed - back to square one.If the upward trajectory continues that will naturally be welcomed by the company.

So, what's prompted this? Well, as we've highlighted before natural market swings play their part, though on 2nd October (possibly earlier on the inside within investor circles) a well respected analyst stated that we should expect the unexpected of Nintendo's first mobile game, and soon.

It's well established that Nintendo's share value norm being over 20,000 Yen was largely driven by the company's DeNA deal and planned move onto smart devices. If indeed talk is getting around among investors that the first project isn't far away, perhaps some even know what it is, perhaps that's contributing notably to this upswing.

As for the unexpected - well, by its very nature it's hard to guess what that could be. We have a niggling feeling that a Pikmin game is on the cards - it's potentially perfectly suited to smart device economies, with strategy games being hugely popular on tablets and phones. Oh, and we know it's close to completion. It'd certainly count as a surprise as everyone has been assuming Mario would be in the title of the first DeNA project; could that be a big twist?

It's Nintendo, so anything's possible, but chatter around an impending Nintendo game on iOS and Android is certainly what many investors would want to hear.

In any case, it's our renewed quest to try and report positives as we would negatives, as the web has enough controversies to keep itself going. We shared thoughts on a downward trend after Kimishima-san took over, and it's only fair and right we consider the exact opposite effect. Even if its timing left this writer wishing he'd devoted time to a different topic on 29th September.

Nintendo, at least in the financial market, is moving in the right direction once again.