Kerbal Space Program

Following the official reveal of Kerbal Space Program for Wii U eShop at the [email protected] event, Nintendo of America’s very own Damon Baker, Senior Marketing Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations, has spoken about the Wii U iteration being the ultimate version of the title across all platforms:

We feel we have the definitive version on Wii U because of our interface…You’ll be able to utilize the touchscreen and the GamePad in a number of different ways from actually building the spacecraft and navigating the spacecraft and even getting different perspectives. You’ll be able to fly the spacecraft from the cockpit utilizing the GamePad as a different viewpoint.

While there is no exact release date just yet, the Squad developed Wii U eShop title is currently on target to launch early next year.

Tell us in the comments if you agree with Baker and think the Wii U edition of Kerbal Space Program will have the edge on its competitors with the exclusive GamePad controls.